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#1 2006-04-21 04:19:46

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globs: nvidia 1.0.8756-1 testing, 7300 GS - no GL_shadow?

On the configuration listed below, I'm running the default globs benchmarks. The GL_shadow benchmark won't run for me (video output window just immediatley closes). I'm wondering if this is a driver limitation, a bug in the testing build, or a misconfiguration on my part.

"Fake" seems to lock up globs... I'm not familiar with globs so I don't know how normal this is...

I'm getting about 2300 in glxgears. This seems a bit slow to me. Now, I understand that testing is testing and I can't be picky, but I'd just like to hear what's happening for others with this kind of setup and if there's anything I can do to optimize it. Additionally the answer to this question could help in the development towards making the driver an 'extra' build.

Composite option enabled in xorg.conf. Aside from that it's just the raw nvidia-xconfig.

Can't try older nvidia drivers because they lack geforce 7 support.

7300 GS 256MB, sempron 64 3000, 1GB RAM 1280x1024x24 (nothing special I know, I just want to take full advantage of it)


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