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#1 2006-04-26 22:39:18

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h264 and mp3 support in VLC needed ? streaming.ffmpeg

I have found that I need to VLC (video-lan-client) with mp3 support so I used the cvs version of ffmpeg in the  AUR packages but this doesn't seem to support H264 video.

How do I add H264 support to the PKGBUILD so I can have both. ?

Any help greatly appreciated I can stream H264 with current version of ffmpeg but no audio

Then with the ffmpeg-cvs no audio or video.

This is the same if I am streaming or playing locally.



#2 2006-04-26 23:16:47

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Re: h264 and mp3 support in VLC needed ? streaming.ffmpeg

You'll need to install GPAC in order to build ffmpeg with H264 support. I don't believe it compiles properly without it. I couldn't find gpac in any of the repositories or AUR so your best best would be to write a pkgbuild yourself or make a request for  someone in the AUR request forum to do it for you.


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