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#1 2006-05-01 15:17:09

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Reading audio input using dsnoop

I have an app that can only run in Flash under Windows. I can get it to mostly work under WINE, but there are parts that need microphone input. Winecfg lists the writeable audio device as dmix:0, and the readable as dsnoop:0. Obviously the dmix:0 works, since I hear sound from apps in WINE. Dsnoop should, I guess, be mixing all of my input devices together into one readable source, which should then be read by the apps under WINE... but I have no obvious way to find out if it is WINE or ALSA that is the problem.

If I play around with KMix in KDE, I can get sound from the mic to come out of the speakers, so obviously all of my equipment works, I just want to be able to somehow connect some reliable app (i.e. not running under WINE) to this mysterious dsnoop source and see if anything is actually coming out of there.

Why oh why does audio under Linux have to be so mystifying... someone please help me!


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