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#1 2006-05-04 10:52:32

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Playing MEncoder-made AVIs on Windows

I've been encoding some of my DVDs so that I can watch them more easily on my PC. I have been encoding the video as MPEG-4, and for the audio I've just been copying the AC/3 stream. I'm storing them in the AVI container, basically because it's the MEncoder default container. However, I read somewhere that this combination of formats is not generally what one expects to find in an AVI file, despite the fact that it works fine. Even though the files play absolutely perfectly in both MPlayer and Xine, does anybody know if the unusual combination of codecs would result in the AVI being unrecognised by most Windows-based players? If this were the case, would there be any easy way to play the AVIs under Windows (preferably without re-encoding) if I needed to?



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Re: Playing MEncoder-made AVIs on Windows

As long as you have the codec installedon whatever operating system, the video will play.

A good video codec pack with a  Windows installer is ffdshow from sourceforge.

VLC is bundled with numerous codecs too, and is also a good choice.


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