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dbp, panorama, panorama-tools and inkscape


my graphic program folder neede a little clean up. Ther e are some handy
tools for the community:

1. dbp:
Davids batch processor is a simple plugin for "the gimp". It provides cropping,
resizing, color correction(simple), sharpen and renaming. since it is using the
gimp it is faster than ImageMagick.

# Contributor: Tobias Kieslich <>

pkgdesc="David's batch batch processor for the GIMP (and for gimp-unstable)"
depends=('gimp-unstable>=1.3.23' 'gimp')

build() {
    cd $startdir/src/dbp
    # Tweak Makefile -- remove auto-install
    sed -i 's|gimptool-1.2 --install-bin dbp| |g' Makefile
    sed -i 's|gimptool-1.3 --install-bin dbp| |g' Makefile
    # create gimp-1.2 plugin and install it
    make dbp-1.2
    mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/usr/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins
    install -s -m 755 dbp $startdir/pkg/usr/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins/
    # create gimp-1.3 plugin and install it
    make dbp-1.3
    mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/usr/lib/gimp/1.3/plug-ins
    install -s -m 755 dbp $startdir/pkg/usr/lib/gimp/1.3/plug-ins/

2. pandora:
pandora is a plugin for the gimp providing the opportunity to "prepare" a
set of pictures for stitching. In other words: you pick up picture after picture
and then a gimp picture is created automatically which has the correct size
and each picture including a layer mask in its own layer.
It does NOT correct perspectives etc.

# Contributor: Tobias Kieslich <>

pkgdesc="gimp plugin for the panorama setups (for gimp-unstable)"
depends=('gimp-unstable>=1.3.23' 'gimp')

build() {
    cd $startdir/src/$pkgname-$pkgver
    sed -i 's|${HOME}/.gimp-1.2/plug-ins|${DESTDIR}/usr/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins|' Makefile
    sed -i 's|${HOME}/.gimp-1.3/plug-ins|${DESTDIR}/usr/lib/gimp/1.3/plug-ins|' Makefile
    sed -i 's|--install-strip|--build|g' Makefile
    sed -i 's|gimptool-1.2 --build pandora_gen.c|gimptool-1.2 --build pandora_gen.cntmv pandora_gen pandora_gen-1.2|' Makefile
    make DESTDIR=$startdir/pkg
    mv pandora_gen-1.2 $startdir/pkg/usr/lib/gimp/1.2/plug-ins/pandora_gen
    mv pandora_gen $startdir/pkg/usr/lib/gimp/1.3/plug-ins/pandora_gen

both, pandora and dbp are not called from right-click->plugin->... Instead
you call them from Xtns->Batch Process... and Xtns-> Make Panorama...

also both packages are dependent on both gimps: the normal and the
unstable one. If you don't want to install them both, you can easily force
the installation of these plugins. I was just to lazy to create seperate
packages... And yes both gimps are supported.

3. panorama-tools
This are Helmut Dersch's panorama-tools, a set of tools to correct or
manipulate perspectives. They are mighty and difficult to use. Mr. Dersch
himself seems to have dropped development, but the community is still
going. There are about 10 patches, all spread over the web. So I decided
to go the easy way and grab a prepared set of source and patches which
is provided as src.rpm.

# Contributor: Tobias Kieslich <>

pkgdesc="toolkit to stitch pictures"
depends=('libjpeg' 'libtiff' 'libpng')
makedepends=('rpmunpack' 'j2sdk')

build() {
    cd $startdir/src
    # unpack the rpmfile
    rpmunpack $pkgname-$pkgver-2.src.rpm
    gzip -d $pkgname-$pkgver-2.cpio.gz
    cpio --make-directories -F $pkgname-$pkgver-2.cpio -i
    # unzip sources
    tar xzf PanoTools.tar.gz
    cd PTLinux/Sources
    gzip -dc panosrc.tar.gz | tar -xf -
    # tweak two patches for archlinux needs
    sed -i 's|/usr/lib/java/bin/java|/opt/j2sdk/bin/java|g' ../../PTLinux.wrappers.patch
    # apply the patches
    patch -p2 -i ../../panosrc.2.6-ml08.patch
    patch -p2 -i ../../panosrc.720-fov.patch
    patch -p2 -i ../../panosrc.sys_ansi.patch
    patch -p2 -i ../../
    patch -p1 -i ../../panosrc.2.6-ml08-ml09.patch
    patch -p1 -i ../../panosrc.2.6-ml09-ml10.patch
    patch -p1 -i ../../panosrc.2.6-ml10-ml12.patch
    patch -p1 -i ../../jim-watters-fix-psd-20031122.patch
    patch -p1 -i ../../jim-watters-link-orientation.patch
    patch -p1 -i ../../jim-watters-tweak-random-luminance.patch
    cd ..
    patch -p1 -i ../PTLinux.wrappers.patch
    cd Sources
    # tweak the make file for archlinux needs
    sed -i 's|/usr/lib/java/include/|/opt/j2sdk/include/|g' Makefile
    # we are through
    make|| return 1
    ############################ *** INSTALLATION ***
    # we copy manually since it is easier than to tweak the makefile
    mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/usr/lib
    mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/usr/include/pano12
    mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/usr/bin
    mkdir -p $startdir/pkg/usr/share/$pkgname/Helpers/Templates
    # header
    install -m 644
    panorama.h filter.h fftn.h f2c.h pteditor.h ptutils.h sys_win.h version.h sys_ansi.h
    # installing the library
    install -m 755 $startdir/pkg/usr/lib/
    # binaries and wrapper-scripts
    cd ..
    install -m 755
    ptcrypt ptcrypt.jar pteditor pteditor.jar ptpicker ptpicker.jar Helpers/PTStereo Helpers/PTInterpolate Helpers/PTMorpher Helpers/PTOptimizer Helpers/PTStripe Helpers/PTAverage Helpers/PTStitcher
    cd Helpers/Templates
    install -m 644
    ln -s /usr/bin/PTStereo $startdir/pkg/usr/share/$pkgname/Helpers/
    ln -s /usr/bin/PTInterpolate $startdir/pkg/usr/share/$pkgname/Helpers/
    ln -s /usr/bin/PTMorpher $startdir/pkg/usr/share/$pkgname/Helpers/
    ln -s /usr/bin/PTOptimizer $startdir/pkg/usr/share/$pkgname/Helpers/
    ln -s /usr/bin/PTStripe $startdir/pkg/usr/share/$pkgname/Helpers/
    ln -s /usr/bin/PTAverage $startdir/pkg/usr/share/$pkgname/Helpers/
    ln -s /usr/bin/PTStitcher $startdir/pkg/usr/share/$pkgname/Helpers/

I also tried to build the gimp plugin for the pano-tools ... and it worked. At
least they compiled. but it didn't work as expected. In other words they
are unuseable sad I will keep trying.

4. inkscape
inkscape is not the successor of sodipodi, it's a fork of it. The aim is to
provide a tool to produce 100% compatible svg-graphics. This is useful
for themers and people who are dependent on compatibility with Freehand
and Illustrator or Corel Draw. The package is loosely modelled after
sodipodi, since they are (still) quite similar. Only the gnome-print option
fails to compile, so I excluded it. Who needs should open the svg in the
sodipodi package.

# Contributor: Tobias Kieslich <>

pkgdesc="incscape is a vector-based drawing program - svg compliant"
depends=('gtk2' 'libart-lgpl' 'libxml2' 'popt')

build() {
    [ -f /etc/profile.d/ ] && . /etc/profile.d/
    cd $startdir/src/$pkgname-$pkgver
    # temp freetype fix
        sed 's|#include <freetype/freetype.h>|#include <ft2build.h>n#include FT_FREETYPE_Hn#include <freetype/freetype.h>|' -i src/libnrtype/nr-type-ft2.h
        sed 's|#include <X11/Xft/Xft.h>|#include <ft2build.h>n#include FT_FREETYPE_Hn#include <X11/Xft/Xft.h>|' -i src/libnrtype/nr-type-xft.c
    ./configure --prefix=/usr --without-gnome-print --with-xft --with-popt
    #./configure --help
    make || return 1
    make prefix=$startdir/pkg/usr install

happy new year,
bye neri


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