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ArchWiki Turns 11

This coming Friday, July 8, is the eleventh birthday of the ArchWiki.

As all of us have benefitted from the wiki in some form or other over those years, it would be nice to be able to contribute something back. Now is your chance!
This coming week, we are encouraging people to either get involved or, if you have registered and contributed at some time in the past, get re-involved.

Some of the things that you can do to help:

  • "Adopt" a page. Pick a page that you either are familiar with, or have relied on in the past and add it to your watchlist. You will be notified of all changes to the page and you can help ensure that the edits are both correct and consistent with our style guide.

  • Register, if you haven't already, and familiarise yourself with the contributing guidelines.

  • join us in #archlinux-wiki on Freenode, or the thread here and help coordinate the clean up over the birthday weekend

Birthday cleanup

Beginning July 8, wiki staff and anyone else who wants to pitch in will be embarking on a clean up of the wiki. Removing cruft (yes, there are still plenty of pages referring to /etc/rc.conf), tidying up duplication and redundancy, making styles consistent, and doing the simple janitorial work of correcting errors in grammar and spelling.

Assistance would be gratefully recieved. Join us in #archlinux-wiki (even if you are only offering moral support: it all helps). We will also have a dedicated thread here for people that don't use IRC.

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Re: ArchWiki Turns 11

I will offer immoral support.


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Re: ArchWiki Turns 11

As a heads-up: … 28140.html

So if you have suggestions for the revised BG/IG, now's the time to add them to the discussion page. smile

Note: A todo list will be added to a news article later today, or tomorrow. Until then, feel free to take a look at common requests:

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