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#1 2016-08-19 04:29:38

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Am I wrong that there's a missing pacman hook for xdg-icon-resource?

Before 5/12/2016, community/terminator package had an .install file that ran post_install, post_upgrade, and post_remove:

xdg-icon-resource forceupdate

Its 5/12/2016 update is titled "Pacman hooks rebuild", and deleted the .install file.

This title doesn't make me think that the forceupdate is no longer needed, but should be running through a pacman hook.

I opened a bug report, which was closed as not a bug, and rejected for re-opening saying for me to go read about hooks.  Where am I wrong here?

xdg-icon-resource is in extra/xdg-utils.  It contains no pacman hook.  Further, this finds nothing:

cd /usr/share/libalpm/
grep xdg-icon-resource -r *
(Nothing in /etc for hooks, such as /etc/pacman.d/hooks/, /etc/libalpm/, etc.)
pkgfile --update
pkgfile /usr/share/libalpm/xdg-icon-resource

If the forceupdate didn't suddenly become no longer needed, isn't it a mistake for both community/terminator and extra/xdg-utils not to be running it?  Doesn't one or the other need to be updated?

Or am I completely missing where and how the forceupdate is still being ran?  Or am I being a newbie for some other reason?

I am on the most recent versions, xdg-utils 1.1.1-4, and terminator 0.98-2.


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Re: Am I wrong that there's a missing pacman hook for xdg-icon-resource?

The hook in question is in the gtk-update-icon-cache package. xdg-icon-resource is just a wrapper for that.


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