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using agetty with default username

I am trying to avoid using any kind of displaymanager and instead using just the default tty login.
This works perfectly by automatically executing startx after login on the console but I want the console to set the username by default so I down't have to enter it as well.

I have tried figuring out how to configure agetty to do just that but it seems all the answers to that question lead to the automatic login option taht also skippes the password prompt.

Can anyone tell me how to set a defult username with agetty so I get only a password prompt?



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Re: using agetty with default username

Not a sys admin issue, moving to N.C.

EDIT: sorry I read to quickly.  I missed that you *want* to be prompted for a password still - standby ...  edit2: I've never done this, and after a quick perusal of the man pages, it's not obvious to me how to do so (moving back to sys admin issues).

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