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First off, I'll state that I am not the main programmer of this project. I only help out where ever I can. I mainly help create plugins and fix /report bugs that I find.
pyICQ is basically just a ICQ Client for now. We're working on making it multi-protcol(mainly adding msn currently) to the program. It's being programmed in python and using wxpython. It is completely plugin based, Here's the authors quote:

I switched to Linux one year ago. On Windows I used to chat a lot with my friends and other people over the ICQ-network. My favorite client was Miranda-IM; a fantastically modular and flexible client which is completely plug-in driven.

Unfortunately, there was nothing similiar available for Linux... I tried Kopete, SIM, Gaim and some others but every program missed something I really need.
That is why I decided to start pyICQ which is intended to fill this gap by following a special philosophy:
    * The program itself has to be really simple - let plug-ins provide all special features
    * Be completely platform-independent - users do no longer have to change their messenger when switching from one platform to another
    * Be as easy as possible - you need only a very limited knowledge of the whole program to extend it
These aims are reached by the following steps:
    * pyICQ is entirely written in Python, a simple to learn, platform-independent and heavily support scripting language being available on nearly all platforms
    * actually it uses wxPython to provide a graphical user interface

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