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#1 2006-05-29 13:45:42

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adjusting brihtness

Hello.  I own a laptop and I have powernowd working correctly (as far as I know wink ) .  However, in ubuntu linux and windows I would get over 3 hours of battery life while in arch I get 2 hours with 40 minutes.  I believe this is due to the fact that ubuntu and windows slow down hdd speed and lower the brightness of the screen.

I do not care so much for the speed of the hdd, but the brightness of the lcd is something that should automatically adjust itself when I plug or unplug the ac adapter.  I have searched the arch wiki and the forums and have not been able to find a way to do this.

can anyone help me ?


#2 2006-05-31 03:45:32

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Re: adjusting brihtness

I believe it depends on your notebook.  For instance.. i use sony_acpi and fsfn for my vaio notebook.  More details would be helpful.


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Re: adjusting brihtness

Yeah, It must depend on the notebook; my HP has a "plugged-in" mode and a "battery" mode, and remembers the screen brightness automatically. I don't think Linux even knows I'm messing with the screen brightness.


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Re: adjusting brihtness

I believe that you can install the "laptop-mode-tools" package from pacman and you should be able to spin down your harddrive more often. I believe that this is what both Ubuntu and Windows do by default.

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