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#1 2016-11-28 16:55:30

From: China
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Change the name for Chinese language on the left panel

On the left panel of wiki page, you will find links to different language versions.
I wish to point out the name "中文(中国大陆)" and "中文 (台灣)" is actually not appropriate, which literaly mean Chinese (Mainland China) and Chinese (Taiwan). But since not only these two regions use Chinese, it would be better to use the much more common "简体中文"(Simplified Chinese)  and "正體中文"(Traditional Chinese) instead. For example, people in Hong Kong and Macau use  Traditional Chinese; I myself live in Singapore and use Simplified Chinese.

Since these language tags are not editable, I was wondering can the adminitrator change them?


#2 2016-11-30 10:56:23

Wiki Admin
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Re: Change the name for Chinese language on the left panel

Hi, this would be a huge change, I've opened a discussion for you in the appropriate talk page: … uage_links

Also, the name that you propose for the Traditional variant seems to be still different from the one used by MediaWiki for zh-hant.


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