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Problems mounting home with encfs 1.9.1

yesterday I resurrected a laptop after a while of inactivity. I used encfs to encrypt my home, and a bunch of configurations to login to kde/kwallet with the same password. So yesterday, after a normal boot, I full upgraded the system, including encfs to version 1.9.1. After a reboot and login as usual, kde is unable to load: it shows errors regarding missing configuration files. Seems that initially the home is mounted but right after it is umounted preventing kde to complete boot process. Login from terminal works as expected. Since the procedure involves various packages (encfs, pam_encfs, kwallet-pam, sddm, fuse) I dunno where is the problem. The only solution I found was to downgrade to encfs-1.8.1.

This is my setup:



auth       required         onerr=succeed file=/var/log/faillog
auth       required
auth       requisite
auth	   sufficient
auth       include    system-auth

account    required
account    required
account    include    system-auth

password   include    system-auth

session    optional
session    include    system-auth
session    optional          motd=/etc/motd
session    optional          dir=/var/spool/mail standard quiet
-session   optional
session    required



auth       required
auth       requisite
auth       include      system-local-login
account    include      system-local-login
session    include      system-local-login
session    required



auth		include		system-login
auth            sufficient
account		include		system-login
password	include		system-login
session		include		system-login
session         required

auth		optional  kdehome=.kde4
session		optional  kdehome=.kde4
auth		optional
session		optional


encfs_default --idle=1
fuse_default nonempty
gcala	/home/.gcala	/home/gcala	-v	allow_other



Any idea about the problem? Thanks


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