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#1 2017-01-01 11:13:21

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Forum doesn't allow posting if REFERERE is turned off

I have configured firefox not to send the referer header.

However, this forum seems to not accept posts when the referer is turned off, which is a bit useless considering it's easily fakeable?

"Bad HTTP_REFERER. You were referred to this page from an unauthorized source. If the problem persists please make sure that 'Base URL' is correctly set in Admin/Options and that you are visiting the forum by navigating to that URL. More information regarding the referrer check can be found in the FluxBB documentation."

Wouldn't it be better for the users to allow surfing without HTTP_REFERER header so that one doesn't need to toggle multiple browsers to post on the forum? As a sidenote I have only experienced an issue with the arch forum up until now, been surfing with referer off for a while.

To reproduce:

1. Turn off referer in firefox … 21326.html

2. Post on this forum

3. Should work, not with above error message

Just an idea.


#2 2017-01-01 11:39:08

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Re: Forum doesn't allow posting if REFERERE is turned off

We don't modify the forum from what is released by FluxBB beyond some theming.  Talk to them...


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