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#1 2017-06-19 13:46:51

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[SOLVED]Can't install archlinux on KVM with virt-install

I'm trying to install archlinux on KVM on archlinux with virt-install 1.4.1, cli only.

exec below command

# virt-install \
--connect qemu:///system \
--location /var/archlinux-2017.06.01-x86_64.iso \
--name test_vm \
--vcpus=1 \
--ram 4096 \
--os-type=linux \
--os-variant=virtio26 \
--disk pool=kvm_guests,bus=virtio,size=30,cache=writethrough \
--network bridge=br0,model=virtio  \
--extra-args="console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8 serial" \

then virt-install says

Starting install...
ERROR    Could not find an installable distribution at '/var/archlinux-2017.06.01-x86_64.iso'

The location must be the root directory of an install tree.
See virt-install man page for various distro examples.
Domain installation does not appear to have been successful.
If it was, you can restart your domain by running:
  virsh --connect qemu:///system start test_vm
otherwise, please restart your installation.

Using CentOS ISO, error not come out.

--location /var/CentOS-7-x86_64-Minimal-1611.iso  \

How can I resolve this error.

Or anyone succeeded installing archlinux on KVM?

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#2 2017-06-20 14:47:48

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Re: [SOLVED]Can't install archlinux on KVM with virt-install

man virt-install wrote:

-l LOCATION , --location=LOCATION
Distribution tree installtion source. virt-install can recognize certain distribution trees and fetches a bootable kernel/initrd pair to launch the install.

The archlinux iso is a hybrid format that can boot from optical disc or removable media, not a distribution tree.


--cdrom=/var/archlinux-2017.06.01-x86_64.iso \

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Re: [SOLVED]Can't install archlinux on KVM with virt-install

I can install archlinux iso on kvm with --cdrom option.

thank you so much.


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