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Root on LVM & shutting down

I was originally going to post this problem b/c I believed it was causing corruption in my filesystem; I have since decided that it's in fact botched suspend2-attempts that are causing the corruptions (which ALSO isn't good, of course). Anyway, as the title indicates, I run root-on-lvm, and have the nagging problem that when rc.shutdown goes to deactivate the logical volumes, it fails since root is obviously still being used. It seems like sort of a chicken-and-egg problem, since you can't unmount root before deactivating the volume group since you need the lvm binary, but you can't deactivate the volume group b/c root is still mounted... I guess I'm just checking that this sort of behaviour is "normal", and that other users running root-on-lvm see it also. I'm trying to eliminate this as a cause for my filesystem corruptions.

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