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Forum IRC channel

The official IRC channel for the forums is #archlinux-wiki on the Libera.Chat network. This channel is designated as the place members of the forum team are to be found. If you need to contact a member of the forum team and logging in to the forums or sending an email are not available options, you can try that channel. If your question does not require staff to answer, you can ask in any of the support channels as usual.

Please note, this is not a support channel. For support go to #archlinux (the official channel of Arch Linux), #archlinux-newbie, or one of the international channels open to support questions.

Remember to follow the rules of the channel which are linked to from the topic. In most IRC clients the command /topic will display the channel topic.

IRC is described as "asynchronous" communication. Questions do not get immediate answers and can take a few hours in some cases. Patience is a requirement.

See also ArchWiki:IRC and IRC channel.

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