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How to record sound (microphone or line in)

Hello archers!

I am having a bit difficult to setup my freevo box. I'm unable to find the device recording the sound. I'm not even sure that all the cables are correctly plugged.  Is there any way to know what is the "output" of the different sound device of a system?

Right now I have dsp dsp1 and dsp2 plus a couple more for each type of device (audio, adsp, mixer, ...) How I could get info from each system to know which one it is (dsp is my Audigy 2, dsp1 is... dsp2 is... ?

My tv tuner card is a Leadtek TV Tuner expert detected as a bttv card and I was able to set it right. I can listen to stuff coming from the PC. so all videos and mp3 are playing nicely, but I am unable to get any sound coming from the TV.

Thanks and have a nice day smile



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