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#1 2004-01-22 13:35:46

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Uninstalling unused packages script

hey all,

some here i read something about that subject, can't find it again so I just wrote a script by myself...

It's really something like version 0.000001 alpha, but it won't damage any files/packages and works quite good....

it scans all packages wheather it was used in the last X days and then prompts if it should remove the package, if it is not needed by another....

it should be used like this:

./ <days-not-used>

don't think it hangs if it takes long until u will be asked the first time wheather a package should be deleted, on my box it takes more than 10(!!) minutes, what's quite understandable because it checks _each_ file included in a package....

if u ppl think we could need it, I would improve it ....
also i'm open for any suggestions....

oh, yes, where to get it: <-- right-click, save as...
(don't forget to chmod +x it)


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