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kernel panic, live system boot not possible

i dont know what happend, child was last at this laptop, now i get kernel panic on boot:

kernel panic - not syncing attempted to kill init exit code=0x00000100

screenshot of error message when booting normally

also life system usb boot leads to kernel panic:

kernel panic - not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(2, 0)

screenshot of error message when booting from usb

help would be much appreciated, i need this machine....

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Re: kernel panic, live system boot not possible

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I'd say try to run a memtest, and from the old kernel attempt I'd hazard a guess that the root partition wasn't written correctly and you will want to chroot in and properly mount all paths and reinstall linux, given that you don't have dying RAM. Regarding the Live USB failure, since this seems to be an unetbootin created stick, did you heed the warning in … UNetbootin ?


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