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ThinkPad X220 Tablet - Keys below screen not working in tablet mode

Surprisingly, my issue has nothing to do with wacom wink
I have two of the keys below the screen (XF86TaskPane and XF86RotateWindows) mapped to custom functions via xbindkeys (1.8.6-2). They work just fine when the screen is in its normal position (so that I can use the built-in keyboard). However when I rotate the screen so that it covers the keyboard ("tablet mode" from here on), there is no reaction at all.
I noticed this behavior some weeks ago, so it shouldn't be related to an xbindkeys update (which was back in May).

I guess the keys are handled differently when in tablet mode somehow, but I have no idea where to look at in order to confirm or change this behavior.
Any help or pointer into the right direction would be appreciated.

Although I doubt that it is related, here is my current .xbindkeysrc:

"onboard -a"

" invert"


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