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Pointer motion and pointer lock using KDE Plasma on Wayland

I am recently trying out Wayland on my KDE Plasma install. With the odd hiccup here and there, it is working fine. Aside from one quirk that was never a thing when using KDE Plasma via X - the pointer motion and printer lock options that Plasma implements for Wayland. I get the first pop-up when I move any Vivaldi window which wouldn't normally be a problem but it prevents me from using the keyboard for three seconds which becomes an issue when filling in forms in a new window and I suddenly find that I have not had any text entered or a load of text missing in said form because of it. Printer lock causes issues with one game I was gifted at Christmas via Steam. If I hold escape for three seconds to regain control of the pointer, it gets the pointer working again until the pointer gets locked again. It makes things a hassle where it shouldn't be and was not an issue when using X.

I don't think this is a bug per se, from what I have read up of the Plasma implementation with Wayland, pointer motion and locking are part and parcel of the way Plasma works. I can't find any way of disabling these options via Plasma and reverting to X seems to be a way of throwing out the baby with the bathwater as it were.

Is there any way I can stop Plasma and Wayland grabbing the pointer in both aforementioned cases?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Pointer motion and pointer lock using KDE Plasma on Wayland

Wayland is a protocol, not code running on your computer so it's not grabbing the pointer.

Plasma is the desktop shell, KWin is the underlying window manager + compositor that's actually drawing the mouse, so it's not grabbing the pointer either.

Nothing's grabbing the pointer, KWin automatically locks the pointer for some applications (mainly games but other normal applications as well) - I don't know why and it's annoying.

I filed a bug, but KDE devs said that the applications were requesting pointer lock, and that's why KWin locked the mouse pointer. Apparently it was "working as intended".......


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