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Can't boot on Lenovo Yoga 720

I just finished up an installation of arch on a new Lenovo Yoga 720, but whenever I try to boot, my computer seems to hang on "Loading initial ramdisk ..."

I didn't do any kind of customization with creating the archiso or the initramfs, and I have disabled the software RAID/fake RAID (for now). What else could be going on to prevent arch from booting?


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Re: Can't boot on Lenovo Yoga 720

Consider this.  You are obviously familiar with your set up.  We are not.  Read your post from our point of view.

Is this a BIOS or UEFI machine?
What boot loader are you trying to use?
What is your partition layout?
You say you have disabled the software RAID, what exactly does that mean?
What is the command line configuration you are using for your kernel?
And lastly, what did you use as reference during the install?

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