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#1 2018-01-01 16:09:57

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Erratic laptop lid close/open behaviour

I've installed Arch on a Fujitsu T901. It's working *almost* perfectly. Still have to work through some issues though.

One that is puzzling me is the erratic and apparently random response to the close/open lid events.
I've left it configured to suspend when I close the lid, however sometimes it does suspend, and some other times it just switches the screen off.
It does it with or without acpid enabled.
The acpi signals are apparently being sent correctly as journalctl -f shows the LID CLOSE and LID OPEN events.

It happens when in an xfce session or just in a tty.

Any thoughts on solving this one?


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#2 2018-01-07 21:26:56

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Re: Erratic laptop lid close/open behaviour

hello quadium, do you think your problem is hardware related ?
then you should at least provide the logs, otherwise it might be interesting to look into related configuration files ( man logind.conf ? ).
Cheers !


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