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MacBook Pro 10.1 dual boot installation. Can't disable nvidia

Hi everyone,

I tried without success to install Manjaro some months ago. Yesterday I decided to try to install Arch to save my rMBP.
The discrete graphics is broken, and every time that it switches it crashes.
I installed Arch with success, except for some things, that in my opinion are related to the graphic card.
1. I installed Plasma and tried both lightdm and sddm, but if I run a display manager at startup, it crashes.
2. It doesn't keep my keyboard preference even if I set it in vconsole.conf. LANG=it2 works, but I need LANG=it.
3. I can't disable the discrete card. I downloaded apple_set_os.efi, installed refind and tried to boot, but when I push enter on apple_set_os entry I can't go back from it to select Arch.
4. I have artifacts everytime I move a window, I assumed that was b43-firmware (someone had this issue with this package), but it wasn't.

At the moment I have installed intel drivers and nvidia drivers, but since I installed nvidia, I have black screen on startx.

Please tell me which logs and files you need to help me, I don't really know what could be useful.

Thanks in advance!


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