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Black screen on boot | NVIDIA DRIVERS


I have been struggling with Nvidia proprietary drivers for a while, but I really can't get them work.

Ok, let's start form the beginning.

I tried to install Nvidia drivers on my fresh Arch Linux install, but the problem is with the drivers for cards newer than 400 series. As suggested by an Arch Wiki's article about Nvidia (, to install a proper driver for Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti, I need to install "nvidia" package using pacman. When I type this command, it asks me to choose a repository - source, where I can get these drivers from. I got to choose from either libglvnd or nvidia-340xx. I chose libglvnd, because that's what should be installed, the other one (nvidia-340xx) was for GeForce 8/9, ION and 100-300 series. The installation went fine, there were no errors, but when I rebooted my PC, it asked me about my password for LUKS encryption with LVM, after successfully typing the password, it started to boot the Arch Linux, but quickly after that, my display went dark, and it seemed that the Nvidia drivers didn't work. Nonetheless, I installed the Arch Linux again, because I do not have another monitor/display where I can check if it was my monitor's fault and couldn't boot (I mean it booted, I am sure, but the Nvidia drivers didn't turn on, I guess). I also tried to install Nvidia drivers fro AUR as suggested on Arch Wiki's article about NVIDIA if the previous drivers didn't work. It also asked me about the source I could download them, I chose nvidia-340xx this time. Everything went fine, but the same thing happened after I rebooted. I also tried to do something similar this time, so I tried to install nvidia-340xx from nvidia-utils. It actually worked, but I couldn't get compton to work, so I totally didn't know what to do.

What I did:
1. Installed nvidia driver from pacman using libglvnd - doesn't work,
2. Installed nvidia driver from AUR using nvidia-340xx - doesn't work,
3. Installed nvidia driver from pacman (nvidia-utils) using nvidia-340xx - works, but I can't get compton to work on i3wm,

Is there anyone who is willing to help me? I totally don't know what to do. I'm not sure what is wrong. I want to point out that I do not wish to use nouveau,so I need Nvidia's proprietary drivers.


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Re: Black screen on boot | NVIDIA DRIVERS

Search the Wiki -- there is an nVidia article with some troubleshooting tips.

Search the forums. This problem is not uncommon. The Wiki should answer your questions, but a forum search might also be useful to you.


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Re: Black screen on boot | NVIDIA DRIVERS

I have a very similar problem with a nvidia G 105M. I was using  nvidia-340xx drivers. After a nvidia-340xx update last week-end, the screen was going black just after startx. I tried to backup nvidia previous drivers from my cache. It was ok to start but the screen resolution was wrong. As I thought I made something wrong with X, I reinstalled my laptop but I'm trying nouveau because I know my card won't be supported much by nvidia (but it's not working neither).

I can't help you, and I haven't found anything yet in the forum.


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