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#1 2006-07-23 20:54:18

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libdts not getting built right?

i'm trying to run and install vlc, which goes fine, until this:

$ vlc
vlc: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

well that's cuz libdts doesn't build it for some reason when you either run pacman or with makepkg either.  anyone know what's up with that, or where to get if not in libdts?

p.s. this doesn't happen on my arch i686 box, only on the x86_64 one.. neither of which have this but i686 doesn't complain about it  :?


#2 2006-07-28 21:00:09

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Re: libdts not getting built right?

its fixed now just run an update


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