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GNOME crashes when using trackpad with several fingers

I'm using GNOME and when I move the trackpad with 4-5 fingers, or with the palm of my hand, GNOME crashes and sends me back to the login screen.
Here is a video of what I'm talking about. 2 finger scroll works fine, but several fingers makes it crash. I suspect that it has something to do with Touchegg since I didn't notice this happening until after I installed it, but I've already uninstalled touchegg, and the issue still persists. Does anyone have any idea on what to do? Thanks!

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Re: GNOME crashes when using trackpad with several fingers

Please continue here, your pals there were investigating about libinput (which seems the culprit).

Make sure you're having the samue issue, then ask a moderator to delete your thread.

Copy-paste your post in that thread, so that they'll know your findings about multitouch wink


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