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External Monitor on Lenovo docking station: no signal


I have a Lenovo P50 thinkpad connected to a lenovo docking station. An external monitor is also connected via display port to the docking station. I'm using solely the discrete graphics card together with nvidia-dkms drivers.

Yet upon boot the external monitor remains black, apparently it receives no signal from the docking station.

But: if I log into the notebook via its internal keyboard and KDE Plasma is running, and then briefly disconnect and reconnect the display port cable, it works (the external monitor lights up) and continues to do so also when the laptop lid is closed.

It seems that when KDE is running it somehow registers the external monitor, but only after having logged in.

What can I do to have the external monitor receive a signal already after booting?



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Re: External Monitor on Lenovo docking station: no signal

Take a look at the wiki article for Thinkpad docks. It looks like dockd might be the solution here.

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