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Sound glitches (bluetooth, laptop)


I have been trying to make a connection to my JBL Charge 2 bluetooth speaker but I seem to be out of luck.
I managed to connect to it on a A2DP sink, but I have extreme lags / glitches, which may be because of the 'Connecting works, but there are sound glitches all the time' section under the wiki 'Bluetooth Headset' page.

Setup is a basic bluez + pulseaudio, like the wiki suggests.
Is there any possibility to get rid of these lags in a simple way? I have tried the wiki suggestions but it didn't work sad

If you need more info just ask and sorry if I'm being too vague, first post on forums.


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Re: Sound glitches (bluetooth, laptop)

If you are having problems configuring the tatency offset via the Wiki suggestions, you may want to consider installing the package pavucontrol, which is a GUI'd app that will allow you to make that adjustment in a "simple way" as you requested. There is even a QT version available.

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