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Multiple Xserver as systemd service

I think this is more administration but I am not allowed to post there.

I have sddm running on tty4 and I need to start openbox with autologin as a special user on tty4. Running both as as autologin and starting startx over .bashrc works. But now i need to start sddm as loginmanager on tty4. So the user trying to start openbox during boot on tty1 gets Xserver already running and it does not start. I already tried adding -- :1 in the .bashrc-command which does not change anything(this works when entered by hand but I want it to come up without entering anything on boot).

So after many changes and not getting it to work I have been trying to start two loginmanger, sddm on tty4 and lxdm with autologin for that user on tty1. But this causes the same problem. mylxdm(which is a copied and modified lxdm.service) on tty1 just says that it can not start X because it is already running. It does not work if I specify different DISPLAY and XAUTHORITY in one or both services as environment in the Service section.

So anybody got any idea on how to get those two X or displays up and running on boot with systemd?

So my main problem is: I need to start a graphical login manager on tty4 and an autologin with a special user to openbox on tty1. tty1 always says X is already running and can only be started by hand. How to do it that it will start on boot?

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