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Pressing Super+p crashes and resets displays on Gnome

I'm using budgie-desktop (based on Gnome) as a DE and I've also installed xorg-server and nvidia. I have two monitors plugged in, one set to portrait. Every time I press Super+p, both displays go blank for a second and are are set to landscape and the keybinding stops doing anything. It's only when I change the display setup, the keybinding does the same thing again. Apparently, the keybinding is what I'd call a design flaw in Gnome. That still doesn't explain the behavior on my Arch system.

I've used dconf-editor to disable the default hotkey (['<Super>p', 'XF86Display']) in /org/gnome/mutter/keybindings/switch-monitor and change it to something else but that has absolutely no effect. I've rebound the keybinding in gnome-control-center to do something else but this only works every now and then (behaviour changes between restarts).

The result is that I can't use that keybinding to change my display setup nor for anything else. I'd like to do either of those things. How?


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