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[SOLVED] creating a local pacman repository - what are the options?

I have a fileserver on my small LAN. I am going to implement the read-write pacman cache described here: … rite_cache

I have one small custom package that is only used by computers on my LAN. To avoid having to manually install it on each computer, I'd like to set up a pacman repo so the package will be processed when I do the normal `pacman -Syu` update. However, I don't want to set up a webserver just for that purpose.

Since I will have the read-write pacman cache setup, the most trivial option would be to drop updated packages into /var/cache/pacman/ on the fileserver and then, on each machine, run:

pacman -u /var/cache/pacman/my-package-name-1.0.0-9-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

However, is there an option that is almost this simple, but will allow updating the package when running `pacman -Syu`?

I know that setting up nginx isn't that hard, but for my use case it would be far better to avoid an http or ftp server for just one package that is used by only a few computers. Thanks for any ideas or suggestoins.

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Re: [SOLVED] creating a local pacman repository - what are the options?

You can host a repo on your shared filesystem.   Use a "Server = file:///foo/bar/" type syntax in your pacman.conf.


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Re: [SOLVED] creating a local pacman repository - what are the options?

Also you could set up a lightweight server using

Managing AUR repos The Right Way -- aurpublish (now a standalone tool)


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