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#1 2006-08-01 20:48:51

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CUPS: printer doesn't eject page

I've got a Canon S520 printer, got it setup in cups using the BJC8200 (recommended at, however, when I try to print something it doesn't come out. The led on the printer starts blinking, but nothing comes out.

On it say to enable "send EOF" in the driver options, but I cannot see such an option there.


#2 2006-08-01 21:59:42

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Re: CUPS: printer doesn't eject page

It seems you are just another unlucky Canon user (including myself), which has to resort to the commercial Turoboprint driver to make your printer usable:
Get the trial verion, test it (works with no limitations, ban a watermark on the output), and if your printer is prolly supported, you can consider if it's worth buying a licence...
I have a Pixma i5000, and after a lot of hesitation I bought a license at the very end...

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