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#1 2018-06-01 13:03:22

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Mouse cursor artifacts on multi monitor

I'm using multiple monitor setup (3 monitors, 2 external + laptop screen) on my Thinpad T420 (Intel + NVIDIA). For this to work I use intel-virtual-output tool.
Problem is showing when I disable intel-virtual-output and enable it again. The mouse cursor (only on external monitors) has big white rectangle around with random color pixels inside (similar shape to this
I can "temporarly fix it" by manually change cursor to the biggest available in system settings (from normal 24 to 48) and then back to 24 size. The white rectangle vanishes. After another intel-virtual-output use it is broken again.
Also I've noticed that after reenabling intel-virtual-output sometimes cursor vanishes completely, mostly while browsing videos (for eg. when hover over youtube video) also not in fullscreen, and shows again only when I leave Firefox window. I've also noticed that when taking screenshot with cursor, it shows normally (without big white rectangle) on screenshot.

This weird artifacts show only after reenabling intel-virtual-output. First time after reboot it works flawlessly.

I've posted this on Kde forum as potential bug, but they told me that drawing cursor is not KDE job, and send me here, to ask what is responsible in Arch for cursor drawing.

So therefore I'm kindly asking where should I report this bug?



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Re: Mouse cursor artifacts on multi monitor

Did you managed to fix this? I just started seeing this issue


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