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#1 2006-08-03 23:03:54

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Partitions and such

Hi there, I'm trying to install Arch on one of my 2 HDDs, I currently have Win XP on the first drive (sda1) and my backup/data on my second drive (sdb1).

I have created a 40gb or so partition on my first drive for Linux and booted from the Arch CD, from there I am guessing I have to set mount points (being as I don't want to delete the entire drive). This is where I'm stuck... Where should I be putting the mount points exactly? I configured the 40gb space and made it an ext3 FS.

I usually use another distro which auto detects the contigious space and auto configures mount points etc.

Please Help smile



#2 2006-08-04 01:27:38

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Re: Partitions and such

If you created a partition on the first HDD that should be found as sda2; that is where you will install Arch. The boot sector however will end up in sda1 and you will have to set the boot loader (either LILO or, my prefered one, GRUB) to recognize (load) the Windows partition.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Partitions and such

try this as your menu.lst (/boot/grub/menu.lst) once you get grub installed:

# (0) Arch Linux
title  Arch Linux
root   (hd0,1)
kernel /boot/vmlinuz26 root=/dev/sda2 ro
initrd /boot/kernel26.img

title Windows XP
rootnoverify (hd0,0)
chainloader +1


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