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#1 2018-06-11 17:56:19

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Firefox hanging constantly

I've been having problems with Firefox ever since the 57 update (using v60 now). While browsing somewhat 'heavier' websites, most notably Gmail, Twitter and LinkedIn, the website just stops loading and the CPU load peaks for 5-10s, sometimes even 20s, after which the website finishes loading and the CPU load goes back to normal.

That happened both on my laptop and my PC, so it's not hardware specific. I'm only using uBlock Origin and Tridactyl right now, but I've trying disabling them and the issue remains.

I really like Firefox but this is getting quite annoying, I'm afraid I'll have to go back to Chrome :-(
Anyone had similar problems? I didn't find anything about it... If anyone has tips on how to solve it that would be greatly appreciated.



#2 2018-06-12 05:27:58

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Re: Firefox hanging constantly

Try testing with a new profile (especially if you are syncing your profile between your laptop and your PC).


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