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Disabling monitor hot-plugging in XFCE?

I'm on XFCE and I'm trying to disable monitor hotplugging with an intel GPU. Basically whenever I connect a new monitor I don't want anything to happen (default is to switch on the new monitor, reset resolutions, and so on), but I still want to be able to switch on that monitor later.

Nvidia has UseHotplugEvents xorg option I believe but it doesn't work with intel.

I think cinnamon and gnome have a settings-daemon/plugins/xrandr daemon that can be disabled with gsettings, but I can't find anything similar on XFCE. I believe that XFCE simply reacts to XRRScreenChangeNotifyEvent X event (?!?) but is there any way to ignore those events? Basically I want to switch monitor/resolution manually ONLY (by custom scripts that use xrandr internally).



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Re: Disabling monitor hot-plugging in XFCE?

If you build xfce4-settings with "--disable-xrandr" from source, you will get a similar result. Unfortunately there is no runtime setting to disable it.


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