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#1 2018-06-12 15:12:55

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HiDPI laptop display + external monitor scaling issues


I'm using GNOME on Xwayland and have two displays:
1. built-in 2560×1440 HiDPI, set to 200% scale in "Display Settings"
2. external 1920x1200, set to 100% scale

GTK applications (gnome-terminal, gnome-settings, libreoffice, etc.) seem to scale well when moving between displays, but other ones appear scaled 2x bigger on the external screen. In particular, I have this problem with Chromium, Firefox and GVim, which unfortunately are my most important production apps.

Is there any way I could make those apps rescale down to 100% while on external display?


#2 2018-07-24 09:55:00

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Re: HiDPI laptop display + external monitor scaling issues

For Firefox you can try ffreszoom ( … src=search)


#3 2018-07-24 15:18:36

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Re: HiDPI laptop display + external monitor scaling issues

In general "no" - the X11 protocol deals w/ one DPI. Since there's no input redirection, this is also not work-a-roundable by compositors.
Wayland can handle hybrid DPIs and your wayland clients will adapt. Your X11 clients running on xwayland (a nested X11 server for wayland, like xephyr for Xorg) will not.

You can probably enforce a DPI *once* before starting the client, but it will not adapt to its position, let alone using different resolutions on different regions (when it crosses screens).


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