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#1 2006-08-05 11:14:42

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Lacking Free Space

i have noticed something
i have my arh linux on 3 partitions
1. /boot
2. swap
3. /

and as i am logged mc shows that partition 3 (/) have only 200 MB of free space ... while the same partition but when i am logged as root shows 1800 MB of free space .....

whats going on ? why i cannot see 1500 of free space while beeing a normal user ?


#2 2006-08-05 15:41:32

Gullible Jones
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Re: Lacking Free Space

This is because most filesystems reserver a significant amount of space for the root user. If you're using ext3, you can change the amount of space reserved using tune2fs with the -m option.


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