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Ok, NOW things are weirdly screwed up!

Hey there, would really appreciated ANY help to this :!:
I try to give as many info's as possible.
Ill start straight off:

installed arch without a problem with "0.7.2 ftp-install" cd using "" as the server. only installed "base" categorie.

after reboot i did: set root password, configure pacman.conf to use a fixed server and a "pacman -Syu", edited "/etc/locale-gen" and removed 3 '#' from all 3 "de_DE.*" and did a locale-gen. edited "/etc/profile" and changed locale to "de_DE.utf8".

then used pacman to install following things: xorg, pekwm, opera, medit, sudo, hwd,nvidia, ... and some other things like tango icons and so on. configured a xorg.conf "with hwd -u && hwd -x" and did some small changes to it like horz and vert refresh rate.
everythings fine, added user, logged out from root account and logged in as the new user.
edited .xinitrc and started X, and set up 'sudo' from this wiki tutorial … o_password
sudo works as expected.

added "shadowhand's" and "xfce-svn" repository to pacman.conf and installed "xfce4-svn" group.
with manually started dubs,hal, and fam xfce4 also works wonderfully. so edited rc.conf and added those daemons, also alsa of course.
i then did a "sudo lilo" because everytime after first reboot from fresh install lilo wasnt there anymore, evrytime so a simple sudo lilo pre-fixed that and i rebooted.

first steps from boot were fine, but then i saw that:
1) dbus, hal, fam weren't starting because of some file error :?
2) network also didnt started, no infos :shock:
3) after loggin in as my user there appeared not the real hostname behind it, but "(none)" , so it looked like this: detto@(none) :evil:  :cry:

sudo wasnt working anymore of course because i had a weird host(-name).
so i was there with NO working system, everything seemed to be screwed up for me, and i was goign to reprocedure thw whole thing once more........  SAME results!
so atm im in slax live cd and HOPE for any help u can give me to lemme use arch furthermore.


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