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Wayland / libinput: unresponsive rubber-band trackpad

Hi everyone,

it is a bit hard to describe but I'm running Gnome (3.28.2) on Wayland, and when using the trackpad the mouse cursor feels like I'm dragging it around on a rubber band. It has some kind of delay and weird acceleration that make it very hard to precisely point at stuff.

You can get used to it after a while, but whenever someone else uses my computer they go like "omg, what's wrong with your mouse!?" (so I guess the issue is even worse than how I perceive it). When I run Gnome on Xorg, the mouse cursor movement feels immediate and precise and does not have this rubber band effect.

In addition to that "rubber band" problem, it appears I can not move the mouse at arbitrary angles, or at least there is some "resistance" to that kind of movement. Attempting to slowly draw a circle in GIMP using the trackpad will produce something that looks more like a hexagon than a circle (and I don't attribute that solely to my poor circle drawing skills).

Is there any way to tweak or troubleshoot the pointer movement? It feels like there is some "auto correction" or "smoothing" applied to the pointer movement which really doesn't do any good.


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