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Laptop monitor backlight does not turn off automatically anymore

Hi to all.
Since some weeks I have a problem with my laptop.
It has run archlinux for years and it is an optimus laptop with nvidia drivers and intel  with prime synchronization.
I have an HDMI to VGA converter which I use to connect the laptop to an external monitor.
Up to some weeks ago when I switched from the laptop screen to the external one, the backlight on the laptop went off.
Now it remains on and if I reduce the brightness when the laptop monitor should be disabled, it becomes more black.
To change the monitor I sue a script that creates a command like this

xrandr --output eDP-1-1 --off --output HDMI-1-2 --auto

one on the basis of the actual connected monitors.

If I disconnect and reconnect the hdmi with the external monitor on, the laptop screen is immediately disabled and correctly turned off (as it has always been).

So it seems that something has changed in the behaviour of the pc (I suppose as a consequence of some updates but I do not know what package is responsible for this change) and I do not know how to force the shut down of the internal lid backlight when the external monitor is in use (previous standard behaviour).

Can you please help me?

Physically disconnecting and reconnecting the HDMI is something I would prefer to avoid.

Thank you,

PS: I'm Italian and I'm going to move to the UK so if something is wrong with my English can you please tell to me so that I can improve it? Thank you again


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