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[Solved] Can I set decibels limit?

I like to set volume over 100% - for example, I have a quiet movie or quiet speakers. I know I should set it using pulseaudo per device or per application features but I'm too lazy for that.
I just watched a movie with 5000% volume (the movie was really quiet). Now imagine If I forgot to change volume after that movie and played a song on Spotify. I don't know if my notebook has hardware level protection so I'm super worried that I can blow up my speaker playing too loud things (like 50x louder than 100%).
Is there a way to tell the kernel to limit audio output with decibels limit? Is it already limited by default?

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Re: [Solved] Can I set decibels limit?

You can't blow up speakers like that, unless you have way too powerful amplifier, which is not the case with laptop speakers or any self-powered speakers.

When you add too much software gain, the output signal will simply be clipped to the sound card's 0dB level. Worst case, you could cause some permanent ear damage, but that too sounds unlikely using laptop speakers.


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Re: [Solved] Can I set decibels limit?

You could use and have some crazy compressor settings, or blow up the input audio and have a limiter on it


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