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Veracrypt GUI Broken in Fluxbox but not Openbox

Today I installed Veracrypt.

The graphical interface  is missing icons, text, and buttons which makes it unusable.

Expected Appearance
Actual Appearance

I am using Fluxbox as my window manager. I am not using a desktop manager or a login manager. When I switch to Openbox, however, everything appears as it should. This is the first time I have noticed Fluxbox not rendering windows correctly.

My system is up to date: 4.17.11-arch1

All of the dependencies for Veracrypt are installed... but fuse2 and wxgtk3 are flagged as out-of-date. Could that be the problem? Or should I be looking for something else?

I am running the Adwaita GTK theme with the Gnome icon theme. I have used lxappearance to change themes, without any luck. I've tried: Clearlooks, Crux, Industrial, Mist, Raleigh, and Redmond. Is it possible I need a theme designed for GTK3?

My graphics card is nVidia and I am running xf86-video-nouveau.



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