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Mplayer Codecs

I have a question that I need someone to answer for me, I am unclear as to the legality of installing the Mpalyer and the win32 codecs on my system. I am just unsure as to if it is legal to have them on my system or not, I really hate breaking any copyright laws, I don't burn games, I don't download illegal music... so I'm just not sure if i'm allowed to legally have this installed or not. Where can I find out about the legality of the matter?



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Re: Mplayer Codecs

As far as I'm aware, they are legal assuming you own a legal copy of windows for the same machine.  I know, also, there are IP issues with MPEG4 codecs being passed around, having something to do with the distributing party having to pay the MPEG consortium... not 100% sure though.  Let me know if you find a real reference to this stuff.


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