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Epiphany Browser (web) slow page laoding


When opening websites in epiphany it is a whole lot slower then opening the same webpages in firefox.  Is this normal behaviour for epiphany or do I need to adjust some settings in epiphany. 
When I read the gnome blog, they say one of the features of epiphany is fast loading times.

My pc has a a intel N3050 processor, 4Gb ram, and gigabit ethernet (also intel).  If I check drivers and modules  everything seems to function normal.  A ping test gives me around 26ms.

Running epiphany from the terminal doesn't give error messages, so everything seems OK there.

So my question is, is epiphany a lot slower then firefox or do I need to do some tweaking/tuning of the browser and where/how I have to tweak/tune it?  There is little info about epiphany on the web.



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Re: Epiphany Browser (web) slow page laoding

Ctrl+Shift+i should open a debugger that allows you to profile stuff to see whether why and how things are slower.
ceterum censeo:

Other than this "foo is slower than bar" is not a very good problem description, eg. caches, lazy loading and server side browser switches can make a lot of difference.
You might also want to try a local website to see whether this is more in the network or the rendering process.


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