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a couple questions about TLP's section

i have a doubt about this part in "Installation":

You should also mask the systemd service systemd-rfkill.service and socket systemd-rfkill.socket to avoid conflicts and assure proper operation of TLP's radio device switching options.

in Gnome i've never been able to make TLP restore bluetooth on/off status, but unmasking those systemd services fixes this. is there something wrong with my setup? can someone else confirm this?

the other "problem" instead is something probably related to a bad sound card. default TLP settings for audio include this:

# Disable controller too (HDA only): Y/N.

but disabling controller produces a very short cracking sound (quite annoying and probably bad for speakers) just before playing a sound, so setting it to "N" is needed.
again i don't know if this is something related just to my setup/laptop but i thought it was worth reporting.

sorry if the topic doesn't belong here.

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