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Changing edit summary after saving?

First up I'm an idiot I know.

So I tried adding a sectioin to troubleshooting on the Backlight page, which could certainly have spared me a lot of pain,
had it existed a year ago.
This is my first bigger edit so I wanted to have a little bit more of an explanation of what the edit was.

Here comes the fuck up I wanted to add a line break and pressed enter on the edit summary.
Which ofc saved the edit.
I'm okay with the edit as it is, but "Added troubleshooting section on" is a very poor summary.

Is there a way to ammend the edit summary?
I don't want to wreak anymore havoc so I don't know if undoing the edit and redoing it
would be acceptable.

I am not sure if the place I put this information is the best either so if anyone has complains regarding that,
I can handle some getting shouted at.


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Re: Changing edit summary after saving?

MediaWiki does not allow to change edit summaries, so undoing and redoing the edit is OK.


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