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Namcap: Dependency desktop-file-utils detected and not included

Namcap reports the following error for some of my packages (lximage-qt-git, pcmanfm-qt-git)

Dependency desktop-file-utils detected and not included (needed for update-desktop-database)

I got confused. I think update-desktop-database calls from individual packages are deprecated in favor of pacman hooks? Why does namcap ask me to add such a dependency?


#2 2018-09-16 01:13:48

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Re: Namcap: Dependency desktop-file-utils detected and not included

Because namcap is philosophically wrong, as it thinks you should install the package just to make sure the hook is run. This despite the fact that anything which makes use of the desktop database, already depends on desktop-file-utils, which is the way things are supposed to be.

Of course, I'm not in charge, I'm merely incredibly opinionated. big_smile
But nevertheless, it remains true that namcap has never been a gospel truth, merely something that, sometimes, offers a helpful glimpse at something you forgot to take into account but agree should have been the case.

It doesn't arbitrate packaging guidelines, its detection of unneeded-but-included or needed-but-missing dependencies is a bit hit-or-miss and famously fails to detect for example the link between dependent python modules, etc.

It's good that you use it and care about what it tells you. That being said, take everything with a grain of salt -- its output does need to be analyzed through the filter of one's personal understanding of how to package.

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