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AUR as a system service?

There are several examples of software in which the user can opt to use the officially hosted instance, or they can choose to self-host their own instance. An example of such software would be Gitlab. I understand that it is not intended for people to host their own instances of the AUR. However, if it is open source, it should be possible for me to build and run my own AUR website and backend solution as a service. I would like to port the existing solution used for the AUR to a different platform, but for now I would just like to get it up and running. I understand that I can build my own solution out of the same tools which were used to build this solution. However, I am not a fan of reinventing the wheel and do not have a huge amount of time to invest, so I would like to cut some corners when possible. Are there instructions somewhere for running my own instance of the AUR complete with the website and backend? Is there a PKGBUILD for this?

Just to clarify things. I am not interesting in porting anything to do with PKGBUILDs or the package management solution. Just the actual website and file server and user registration/authentication stuff. I'll simply be hosting different files and running them through the target platform's native build process. I still want the ability for people to sign up on a website and comment and upload their build scripts and so forth.

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Re: AUR as a system service?

I don't think there's a step-by-step guide, but the aurweb is opensource (GPL2) and hosted here. That should give you, if not a fully working implementation, then a good starting point to develop your own solution.

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